At Half Crown Design, we are passionate about design, process, and craftsmanship.  We provide our clients the very highest quality made to order furniture and cabinetry for every room in the home, as well as full scope Interior Design services. We have an intense focus on the convergence of design and construction so that each piece that we build, or space that we design, possesses the ideal proportions, timeless elegance, and quality craftsmanship to last and be appreciated for generations. 

Jodi Robbins:

In 1999 Jodi started working as a designer for William Henry Furniture & Design at the same time that she was applying to the North Bennett Street School to further her furniture making skills. Jodi had spent her college years with a focus on sculpture initially which led her to Industrial Design where she fell in love with furniture design and making. In 2000 after working with Jodi for just under a year, the owner of WHFD recognizing her passion, skill, and plans to continue designing and making, offered to sell her the company.  Under Jodi Robbin’s direction and vision the company has evolved to incorporate elements from many of the world’s great design traditions as well as contemporary design and most recently expanding into full Interior Design offerings.

For the last twenty years all furniture and cabinetry from HCD (and formerly WHF&D) ha been designed by Jodi Robbins, an International award winning designer, and built by true craftspeople, the best that New England has to offer. Our teams skill, attention to detail, and mastery of craft is evident in every piece that we create. The highest quality materials are specially chosen for every project. Woods are selected for color and grain consistency, and often paired with metal, stone, and other elements to create pieces that are truly ‘one-of-a-kind’. 

In addition to custom furniture & cabinetry, Half Crown Design also offers art selection, antique sourcing, home accessories, and full Interior Design Services.

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